Friday, November 5, 2010

Acorn Wreath

Today I followed up on another craft. It all started at the Little League field about a month ago. I was trying to keep the kids busy so I asked them to gather some acorns for me to make a wreath with. I make one each year for the public library's silent wreath auction fundraiser. Well, a neighbor boy heard me and said, "I have a whole bunch of acorns at my house. My dad had me pick them up. Do you want me to go get them?" He seemed so eager so I said, "Sure." and off he went. My jaw dropped and the other parents giggled when Dakota came back with a wheel barrel FILLED with acorns from his yard. "Well that certainly will make plenty of wreaths." I didn't want to turn down his generosity so I took them home with me. Fortunately, I didn't have the problems that Michelle at Scribbits had.

Today I took a small grapevine wreath I had and started glue gunning them on. (yes, glue gunning is a word.... and if it isn't it should be.)

Here is the final result.

I want to make a large one for the library's auction. Oh and the fabulous part is that this project cost me $0. I had all of the needed items around my house and Dakota donated the acorns. Maybe I'll make another one for him front door as a thank you.

From my home at 5 and 2 Scotts to yours,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baking Up Some Autumn Yummies!

Today I decided to bake up some special treats with Sarah.

 My inspiration was sweetup-northmornings.
I just happened to have the same Wilton muffin mold.

Here's Sarah helping me to make the brownies.

Sarah did a great job pouring in ingredients and stirring
She's also a great taster!
As we were baking I noticed the other leaves around us in the kitchen.

Loving Sarah's little fingers in this picture.

Sitting pretty on Grandma's plate
Wishing Gram was here to enjoy this moment with us.

A sweet little pumpkin

A little powdered sugar for some added sweetness

I love baking and making the house smell so yummy
on these cool autumn days.