Friday, December 10, 2010

The Reason for this Season

In past years, during the season of advent, I have tried different ways to keep our family's focus on the true meaning of Christmas. There have been various attempts at advent calendars, participations in the Nativity reenactments at church and even singing "Happy Birthday to Jesus" with a birthday cake on Christmas. This year I came across the idea of having a "Jesus Tree" over at the Gresham Barn Sale.

Grasham Barn Sale ~ Jesus Tree

Since I LOVE decorating several Christmas trees each year and as of today (this can always change as I find my way up in the attic and decide to bring down "just one more") we have two full sized trees and several smaller trees set up.
The one we keep in our family room is dedicated to the ornaments that have special memories tied to them for each one of us. The children help decorate it. There are decorations from when Rob and I were children, our wedding and for our children's first Christmases. I especially love the ones made in preschool and elementary school that are decorated photos of the children with the year on them. Those hold such sweet memories and always evoke the funniest of comments.

This year I've dedicated the tree in the foyer to be our Jesus Tree.
For each name that represents Jesus, a decoration is placed on the tree with a tag attached that has the name written on it and the bible verse relating to the name.


Prince of Peace



I am still working on coming up with new symbols for the names of Jesus. Right now I am enjoying it as each one is added.

From our 5 & 2 to you,