Friday, October 22, 2010

Ghost Wreath for Nana

It's been a crazy week, more so than normal. I've had one sick kid sent home, a sick little niece, Rob has traveled to New Hampshire back again for work, my mom in law had knee replacement surgery, I've run out of groceries, Rob drove to Rochester and back in one day (which is a 4 hour ride one way) and I have felt achy and nauseous the entire week. That's just the stuff on top of our normal week's activities between school, sports and church with 5 children.

Halloween is one of my mother in law's favorite holidays. She dons her favorite, sparkly witch hat and actually counts all of the little trick of treaters that come visititng.

We (our family and my sister and law's family) always join in and end our trick or treating at her house eating the pizza and chicken tenders we order as take out. We all look forward to this special family fun night. It looks like this year is going to be different. My mom in law is going to be at a rehab facility recooperating from surgery. I've been wracking my brain trying to find a way to make this holiday special for her still. My first task is to find out about visiting her on Halloween and taking our annual photos with all 7 of her grandchildren. We will have to make sure to bring her hat along with the new witch ear rings and Halloween shirt my sister in law got her.

This morning my littlest niece, who thankfully is feeling better, helped me make a ghost lollipop wreath for Nana.

 It still needs more ghosts but I am sure that the other 6 grandchildren will be happy to help.

I am hoping to bring it to her and hang on her door so she can still share treats with the nurses and staff at the rehab center. It's such an easy and fun, child friendly project (which I'm ALL about) that I thought maybe you might like to try it too.

As you can see Miss Anna is feeling MUCH better!

Thinking of you from 5 & 2,

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