Sunday, February 6, 2011

What makes a house a home?

I am sitting here in our living room watching the Super Bowl.
We spent our first overnight in our new place on Sunday, January 30th. Rob and I had gone away for our joint birthday celebration to see the Million Dollar Quartet in NYC on Saturday the 29th. We both turned 40 within 6 days of each other. Spending the night in NYC was incredible. We had such a fantastic time. We came home and suddenly we were packing up the beds and heading to the new house.

Does sleeping in a house make it home?

On Wednesday night, Rob made us dinner at the new place.

Does eating a home made meal make a house a home?

Friday we celebrated Rob's birthday here.

Does celebrating a birthday here make a house a home?

Today we bought curtains for the new place.

Does hanging new curtains make a house a home?

Tonight we are watching the Super Bowl together.

Does cheering and booing during the big game
make a house a home?

As I've been wondering when this new place will become HOME to us... I realize that it is the family memories that we make together that will gradually make this house our home.

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