Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow, boogie boards and snow angels

This is what Nathan, our 6 year old, had to say about the day. I love it when kids first discover reading. Suddenly words are everywhere! "Mom, I know what ****** spells." is a constant around our home now. So after a rousing good time of making words and sentences they decided to take the fun outside.
My 3 sons.
I try to get a picture of them in "staircase" order as often as possible because it amuses me so.
I just love these boys.
That's my girl... pretty in pink and all smiles.
Boogie Boards aren't just for the beach!
Here Meg is helping Nate slide down the hill on the boogie board.

Logan making a snow angel.

Finally a day for the kiddos to go outside and play in the snow. I am so happy for them even if it means wet boots traipsed through the house, soggy mittens and hats and coats to be hung to dry for tomorrow.
And who knew that boogie boards can be used in the snow!
Our North Carolina investment in them has paid off in February too.

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