Monday, March 8, 2010

My Very First "It's All Good Monday"

Yay me!!!!!!
Thanks to
I now have a signature for my humble blog. I am quite delitghted to say the least and very excited to have some pretty bling for my blog. I have been thinking and thinking about this blog for the past two weeks trying to figure out what direction I want it to go in. I've been toying with dedicating certain days of the week to something to help keep me on track. I've thought about "White Wednesdays" as an example. It certainly would help me focus. Let's get real here... my life can be a little hectic at times and taking the time to FOCUS all of the IDEAS that I have bouncing around my head seems somewhat daunting at times. So what do I do.... wander around blog world and find my new best blog friend at Funky Junk Interiors. So what shall I start with? Those who know me face to face know that my favorite saying is "It's All Good." My under 6 soccer team last summer was even called "It's All Good" because we needed team sponsors (hard to get in this economy) so I happily sponsored Nate's team. Seeing all of the kids on my team running around with soccer jerseys that had "It's All Good" across their backs just kept me smiling all summer. So I think we'll start with an "It's All Good Monday" and today my lovely signature is making me smile. (which is extra special because this is not going to be an easy week for the 5 & 2 Scotts but we'll talk about that another time)

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