Saturday, March 20, 2010

My son's first dance

Last night the elementary school held a 50's Sock Hop. I really didn't give it much thought except that it would be a nice night to stay home. Friday morning N (our kindergartener) mentioned that HE likes to dance and would like to go to it. Whoopsie! So that evening I rolled up his pant cuffs, put on a Hawaiian shirt (his choice because he wanted to look nice for a certain little classmate) and then he aske ME "What did the women wear back then?" "Puffy skirts." He gives my outfit an up and down glance and looks at me with that look. "N do you want mommy to wear a skirt????" So I tried on a skirt and just wasn't into it so I told him that mommy would roll up her jeans like his. He seemed to accept that idea and was skipping into the school when we arrived. (I wish I had a video clip to insert here of his skipping.)

It was quite the affair with girls in poodle skirts and boys in cuffed jeans, slicked hair and white tshirts. His special friend did not show up and I think he was a little disappointed. Fortunately some of the boys from his class were there so they had a good time doing the chicken dance and the hokey pokey. Then SHE came wearing a poufy tourquoise and black skirt. Not the girl N was waiting for but obviously a girl who wanted to dance with HIM. Boy was she a dancer! She chased him around and got him to dance with her. He actually liked it. There was one song that just wasn't his kind of music. (my kindergartener has a "type of dance music" how funny is that) She came up to me during a slow song and said, "He won't dance with me." He looked at me and said, "I don't know how." So I explained that he could just hold her hands and sort of rock back and forth. It was adorable. Now I am so NOT into the whole boy-girl thing. But it is my son and he is just so nice to the girls in his class. He doesn't rough house like a lot of the boys do. He is thoughtful and will dance with a girl. (He was the only boy who did and I don't think he realizes it because to him he was just being nice and having fun.) I want him to be a gentleman and be respectful and kind to girls now so that the foundation is there.

He is the same boy that told me that it is "not appropriate" for the girl in his class to make sweet faces to him because she is only a kindergartener. Then again he DID wear his Hawaiian shirt to look nice for this same girl. LOL

The sweetest part was that as we were leaving he asked me to roll his cuffs back down so he could go back to being himself again. Then he asked me if I would fix my cuffs too so I'd be "myself" again too.

He brought home a small decoration that fell to the floor. He showed his siblings at the restaurant we went to for pizza after the dance. "Look at the CD I got!" Yes dear, there were "cd" decorations at the 50's sock hop. Welcome to 2010!

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