Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spreading Sunshine and Giggles (I hope)

     Major breakthrough on the blogfront (a play on the word "homefront"). I have been struggling with what direction to take this blog. I want to share about what is going on with our family up to a point. We are a pretty normal family if there is such a thing. We also have some issues that we deal with that relate to international adoption, attachment disorder, a marriage, trying to raise our children Christian in the real world, and mostly just always trying to find a way to stay BALANCED. I know that I find blogs written by women who write with an open, honest heart with a touch of humor tossed in to keep it real, incredibly encouraging. If this blog becomes a ray of sunshine on someone's rainy day or adds a giggle to your cup of morning coffee then it will have become what I intended.

     I have started a new blog for my attempts at recreating and maybe even creating some little lovelies for my home that I find out in blogworld. I have always been too timid to actuallly follow through (and maybe just fear of being less than perfect) on these great crafts and ideas that I find while on this journey in blogworld or in a magazine. So now I have a place to get to it. It's called "It's All Good" and it's a place for me to be less than perfect. Please stop by when you can.

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  1. You can come visit me at "It's All Good" if you'd like: