Sunday, March 28, 2010

Father Christmas and the Evil Dwarf

The 8th grade put on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe on Friday and Saturday. The kids did a phenomenal job.I'm not sure why I was so surprised since they are such a great group of kids. J played the parts of Father Christmas and the Evil Dwarf to the White Witch. There is something special watching your child do something that is so outside his comfort zone. He did not ask us to help him with his lines once. He just worked on it on his own, read the lines, memorized them and did it. The hardest part for him, (I think) was having to wear make up on stage. He did ask my help getting him the make up. Nothing like your 13 year old son asking you to pick up stage make up for him... and he stays in the car while you do it. So funny. At least he needed my help for SOMETHING. So here are some of the photos from the play.

J as Father Christmas

J joked that Father Christmas was giving sharp objects and magic potions to young children.

The Evil Dwarf with a whip.

waving the white flag for his Queen

The White Witch, Edmond and the Evil Dwarf

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