Monday, March 29, 2010

A Bundle of Joy

Tonight J had soccer at SUNYA. I love going back there with the kids.It is where Rob and I met. It has such a special place in my heart. The first place that I saw my future husband. I knew he was different from everyone else I had met before him. I knew he was the one for me. So here I am almost 18 years (oh NO I didn't just realize it had been THAT long.) and I am taking my son to soccer clinic/camp there. M went with us tonight. She was upfront with me and asked if we could get some cheesecake while he was there.Since her homework was finished I was happy to have her company. The conversation on the ride to Albany focused on the speech M wants to give at her 6th grade graduation. She's a little miffed because only students who have attended LCS for their entire school careers are eligible to write a speech. So I told her she could write a speech and give it at Pegasus (a local restaurant and where Rob & I had our wedding reception) after the graduation. (So Rob, we should probably talk about this little plan of mine AND make some reservations. LOL) Part of the speech is supposed to be about what they are looking forward to in 7th grade. First of all, how did my sweet little M become an almost SEVENTH grader???? She is so funny about all of the fun things she is looking forward to next year. She certainly has been busy observing her brother and all the benefits of being in 7th grade. (if only she'd put that effort into her spelling tests, but that is another post) She was so cute. Then she tilted her head at me, grinned and said, "I'm just a bundle of joy." I cracked up just typing it because she is so funny. I adore her.

I was happy that she actually tried on and loved a white dress with purple flowers on it. I didn't think we'd find something that she'd be interested in since she is not a "dressy" girl. With a dress up chapel at school this week, Easter, a spring concert and 6th grade graduation it should get plenty of wear which is rare when she seems to jump up a size every few months. J was even in need of a new dress shirt. I was able to find TWO in a size 18. How is it possible for him to be so big? He has the LONGEST arms and will soon be needing to head over to the MEN's department.

Tomorrow is another auction in M'sclass. Each quarter around report card time, her teacher holds an auction. The students "earn" money that they then use to bid on items that students and the teacher donate. M has become the aggressive bidder at these auctions. She was a little out of hand after the first auction.... even started a mini acution at home with Halloween candy. She had her brothers and sister bid on candy that she didn't want with REAL MONEY. We had to have a little chat and implement a "no auctions" rule in our home after that one. So tomorrow I get to see M in action at one of these auctions. I'm giving up my volunteer time at the library to help out with it. M is very happy because I don't get to attend many things at school since I watch my nieces three days a week. I am happy too. I love that M WANTS me at school functions. I adore her. My goodness she is ALMOST 12. Where did the time go? (Pathetic mom moment, but seriously I LOVE being their mom and don't want them to grow up and not be around as much.... okay VERY pathetic mom moment... deep breath and it'll pass. I sincerely enjoy their company though and truly treasure nights like tonight.)

So the conversation on the ride home was about college life, classes, Regents tests, our wedding, reception and where we went on our honeymoon. M asked why if you don't get married until after college that you would date in high school. I explained that I made some questionable choices between 16 - 21 and although I don't regret them because they all lead to my meeting Rob, I do feel that they weren't choices that God wanted for me. Most of my choices were rooted out of my hurt, anger and confusion from my childhood. Fortunately, God watched over me and kept me safe from my own bad choices. I hope our kids come from a home of deep roots. That they can make decisions from a loving foundation based on what God wants for them. I adore them. They are such great kids, so centered.

So my almost 12 year old daughter called herself "a bundle of joy" and she couldn't be more correct. She truly is a bundle of joy... as are my other 4 children. It was nice to see hang out with them tonight, laugh and chat. These are the parenting moments that I cherish. That I know (or at least HOPE a lot) that I am truly a good mom. That I am doing MORE than just better than what my mom did. I pray that God is working through me in their lives.

I look forward to see what tomorrow brings... and the many tomorrows after. How blessed am I. (Martina McBride sings a song entitled something like Blessed and I love it.)

So today was another day of 5 & 2 Scotts. Amen.

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