Friday, July 23, 2010

Is a Blog a Blog Without photos?

So I've noticed that I've been putting off blogging for a while now. The reason goes right back to my perfectionism... AGAIN.
I have not found a simple way to upload the photos from my camera to my computer and without photos I feel that my blog posts are lacking, less than perfect and thus not worth doing... because if it's not worth doing well then why do it. That thought process gets in my way on occasion much more often than I'd like to admit. I even started another blog for my less than perfect crafting projects. Obviously I have an issue issues.

Now I sit hear trying to decide if I go back and catch you up on what's been going on since my last post or just jump in with today. My thought is to live in the now and learn from the past so I'll go with that. Let's see, the boys went out to see Monster Trucks at Lebanon Valley Speedway on Tuesday. So yesterday I spent some time out with Megan. Justin and Megan had been asking where their report cards are. I too had been wondering but thought maybe they got mixed in a pile of mail someplace. Yesterday morning I decided to call and was told that because Megan did not return a library book they were holding the report cards. I laughed. REALLY for an $8 fine? Are you holding Justin's as well? They were. As a librarian, I appreciate the policy and I'm sure we either DID get the letter and I just assumed Meg brought in the $8 the next day... there was a flury of activities that needed envelopes of money sent in at the end of school or maybe Meg hid misplaced the notice. Considering Meg's response was, "OH I took that book out in December and couldn't find it and I didn't want you to know." either possibility could have happened. I used it as another an example of how trying to hide things from mom is never a good idea because here it is SEVEN months later and it's all come out. Off to the school we went. The report cards were excellent and included a 2010 - 2011 school calendar which is helpful and subject to change (as we have discovered).

Megan was so excited, like giddy, to go out and pick out her school supplies. Seventh grade is the year of the 1 1/2" many colored binders. Wehave She has now committed to color coding our her subjects. The locker organizing "stuff" is just amazing today. We were lucky to have a mirror and TAPED pictures in our lockers back in the day. Today locker decorating is a racket has an entire section of the store dedicated to it.

So when I can, I'll insert some fun school supply shopping pictures.... or you can just do your own school supply shopping (and be shocked by the pricetag for yourself). THAT's a whole other blog...

We're 5 & 2 @ 52,

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