Monday, September 20, 2010

Fancy Dancy or Simple Dimple?

My daughter's soccer team desperately wants new uniforms. My husband is the team's coach and found a great deal on new uniforms and now it's up to the girls to raise money to help pay for them. They've decided to sell snacks at they boys' modified soccer game later this week. Megan asked me to make brownies and even reminded me to pick up a couple of boxed mixes at the grocery store this weekend. I wanted to do something special for their bake sale and lo and behold Jackie shared these little lovelies 3 ingredient truffles at I Design.

 I am not a Fancy Dancy girl but I sure do like a Simple Dimple idea that makes me look fancy.
Anna was my sweet little helper.

And this was my sweet girl after we were all done.

Some moms (and dads) seem to have a signature treat that they send into school for their children's birthdays, for church events or bake sales. They are known for these litte delights. I am not known for anything special... unless having a 12 passenger van that allows us to give a ride to any kids who need one to the various sports or church events my kids are involved in counts. So we'll see how they go over. I also just remembered the little buttons that I made out of the pretzel snaps, kisses and m & m's.

Maybe I can make some snack paks of those for the sale too. You can find them at my other blog It's All Good Button treats.

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