Thursday, September 16, 2010

My New BFF

In an earlier post I wrote about finding my Peace. I admit I had a wee little doubt that maybe I would lose my Peace as I had in the past. What I realize now (and even thought when it was happening this summer) is that this time my Peace is not dependant on place... which would have been pretty sad since I am only at the beach with my feet up reading a great book for one week out of the year. Today is a crisp upstate NY September day, with my tan fading but my Peace is right here within me and it is so good. Peace is my new best friend. We hang out together over coffee, chat in the car about the things going on in my life and Peace offers me a reassuring hand sqeeze. She shares in my joys and offers a hug during trying times. She is truly a freind who sticks by me during the crazy whirlwindy days, encouraging me to keep going because she knows that there is always a new corner in life to turn that could exchange all this craziness for something calmer and then we'll talk about how lovely THAT day is. Peace is there with me to care and support me through the trials and triumphs in my life. She doesn't just show up for vacations to the beach. No she is not a "good times gal pal". She also isn't just there for me when I feel like a mess and somehow feels the need to fix me. No, she reminds me to take a deep breath during the bumpy days and to breathe in the sweetness of the the good days. She is so precious to me and I plan on keeping our friendship strong for a good long time together. We'll be little old ladies one day sitting together sipping our coffe, mine with lots of cream and sugar, discussing all of these days. We'll share a smile because we made it there to that moment together.

Peace be with YOU,

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  1. Ahh, that was lovely! I am enjoying the aroma of your words in my mind, as I think about feeling that good someday. BFF... best friends forever. Pinky swear? Ooops, not. Just BFFBIK ~because I know. I just do, and it's okay to tell me all those things. I won't judge you for it nor place you on a pedestal where we can't see each other's eyes. I will always feel privelaged AND happy to let you in on my thoughts. And listen to yours. What a sweet deal, huh? I'm a keeper and so are you!