Saturday, May 8, 2010

Great weather for Ducks and Indoor Yard Sales

Today was a rainy day here in upstate NY. It was also the first (hopefully) annual Indoor Yard Sale/ PTFfundraiser at my kids school. They couldn't have ordered up better weather for the day. (It IS a Christian school so maybe the good Lord had something to do with it.) My sister in law and I had adjoining spots so we could spend the day visiting.... a huge bonus was having a conversation with NONE of our combined 7 kids interrupting. Not only that but we made money at the same time. I sold so much of my stuff I had 3 empty bins to carry back to my truck after all was said and done. I wish I had brought more. The great part was that I priced everything to sell. 90% of my prices were .25 or .50 so it's not that I made a bunch of money but THE STUFF DIDN'T COME HOME WITH ME. I can't have anxiety over what to do with stuff that is no longer here. It was such a fabulous afternoon visiting with my sister in law, getting to know some of the parents at the school better, (seeing that THEY have STUFF too) and meeting some really neat people.

My next post will be a special treat. Not only will I reveal my great parenting secret to getting my kids to behave but if it doesn't work YOU my fabulous (albeit few) readers will be told about my new giveaway(s).

Life IS Good,

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