Wednesday, May 26, 2010

World Cup Send Off Game

Four years ago Rob and I took our oldest two kids, who were 8 and 9 then,
to the send off game for the World Cup.
 Last night we took all 5 of the kids with us along with 2 long time friends and another kid of a friend.
We were 10 of the 36,218 people
at the World Cup Send Off game
@ Rentschler Field in East Hartford CT.

Our seats were right on midfield in row two. It was incredible.

Rob and I were so happy that our three youngest kids were finally going to see an international soccer game.

There is just something so special about seeing the US team play.
 It was basically a try out to fill the final spots on the team to be sent to South Africa so none of the "big" names were playing.
That really didn't keep us from enjoying being there.
Final score was 4-2 with a US loss to Czech Republic.
Can't wait to see who made the final cut.

So it's now the morning after... we got home at 1 a.m. and my three youngest are recovering.
 Poor Nate was coughing yesterday and last night, so I knew he'd be home today.
Helen and Logan dragged themselves downstairs just as school would be starting.
That combined with it going to be 96 degrees
no air conditioning in the school
helped me decide to keep them home too.
They look hungover, poor things.

Tonight Justin has a special ceremony at school for the 8th grade boys.
We'll be there to celebrate with him.
Last night I kept looking over at Justin and realized that he is becoming a young man.
The next Send Off game is in 4 years and he will be 17, a senior and getting ready to go off to college.
The thought of that will make tonight's ceremony all the more a 3 tissue event.
Tomorrow is the Middle School awards ceremony.

Quite the busy week here at 5 & 2 Scotts.


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  1. nice that your whole family was able to do something you all enjoy. Sometimes you just have to keep them home from school:-)