Sunday, May 9, 2010

Secrets Revealed and Possible Giveaways

As I mentioned last time, I have something special to share with you today.

I will share my great parenting secret that I have discovered with my few fortunate followers and readers. I just made this amazing discovery yesterday so there may be a few tweaks that need to be made but here it goes.

I need you to know that I have witnesses that this truly works. At my daughter's softball game I reveled my secret discovery to each of my children. As I noted misbehavior I called them over to the "blue tables" under a pavillion and quietly told them what new and exciting changes were about to happen in their lives. I was no longer going to be angry with them when they made choices that were not in line with what I wanted them to do or had out right told them NOT to do. No from now on in my mind I would be hearing a little "chu-ching" instead. Each child looked very solemnly at me and quietly, with deep reverence for their wise mother, walked back over to the bleachers to watch the softball game. All the parents there were in awe of the great powers of a trip to the "blue tables". I told them that they were all my witnesses of this great and amazing thing I was now able to do. I told them that I was going to sell this amazing discovery of how to get my children to behave on facebook. (I was kidding... sort of... I have actually decided to share it with the few and the loyal readers of my blog for free but by all means if this secret changes your lives and that of your family for the better please feel free to spread the word and send a "free will donation" of whatever amount you feel it is worth.)

First I want to explain the inspiration behind this great discovery.

I was inspired by my one child who seems to constantly do what she WANTS to do... she will even tell me what I am asking her to do and then tell me that she is going to or has done what she WANTS to do anyways. It is so blatantly disrespectful I can't begin to tell you how many ways I have tried to show/convince/bribe/etc her that doing things mommy and daddy's way is best for her but to NO avail. She is quite the challenge. Well yesterday offered yet another example of her telling me that she did understand what I wanted her to do and then she went right ahead and did what SHE wanted to do. I explained that her choice would have consequences. That did not seem to effect her choice in the least.

So at home I started packing for Saturday's Indoor Yard Sale at our oldest two children's school. I decided to start in HER room and made sure she saw me put some of her favorites into the back of my truck. I then explained to her that although I could not MAKE her choose to follow me and do what I wanted her to do there will now be more serious consequences to these choices. In the past I used to bag up toys and drag them up to our attic with the condition that improved behavior would lead to the ability to earn the toys back.

It appears that our children have SO MANY TOYS that this did not seem to effect them in the way I had hoped

and one child innocently told me that it was

kind of a relief to have a clean room without the toys.


So now whenever they purposefully and blatantly disobey me or Rob I will take an item in payment. I will no longer be taking things up to the attic to clutter my home... no it will be priced and put in the yard sale pile for the next yard sale. There are two more planned already... our street is having a multifamily yardsale on May 22nd and our town has a community yardsale in July. So from now on their disrespectful behavior will mean money in my pocket.

Can you hear the "chu-ching"?

Now if there is no yardsale scheduled, I will either put it in the donation box or put a FREE sign on it at the end of our driveway.

Do you see what a benefit this has turned out

for you my dear readers?

I will be posting these FREE items as they come up and you will be able to come by and get them.

It is my own special twist on the blog giveaways so many are doing.

Chu-chinging and hopefully encouraging obedient little children,

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