Sunday, April 11, 2010

All Grown Up

Today is my oldest daughter's 12th birthday. I call her Meggy Ruth. She was named after her great grandmother Ruth, whom she seems to share many characteristics with.
(we found out we were expecting Miss Megan soon after Grandma Ruth Scott's passing
and have always felt that Gram lives on in Meg)
I absolutely adore her. She is such a neat kid. (Okay as I type this she is bossing her brothers around which is definitely a strong charasteristic of hers as well) She has her own mind. She makes friends based on character. She does not go along with the crowd.
She is funny, quirky and an absolute individual.

The ice cream cake didn't fit in our freezer so it ended up melting in our fridge. The candles were NOT helping the situation. Megan came up with the idea of taking the melted ice cream cake and making them into root beer floats. How cool is this girl...
"when life gives you melted ice cream cake make root beer floats."
Here Rob and I are with the birthday girl. I love how her head is tilted towards me in one picture and towards Rob in the other.

Make a wish birthday girl.
Papa and the birthday girl
Nana, Logan the girlies and the birthday girl.
Uncle Rick and his girls.

Nate wearing "birthday yellow" doing the how could you resist this fac"e look with mommy.

Helen and Justin looking on.
I even got Justin smiling in a picture.
me and my girl
me and two of my boys Nate and Logan
Logan wanted a picture of just the two of us.
Meg showing off her new dress from Papa and Poppy.

 Today my Meggy turned 12. She is truly a delightful daughter and I am blessed to have her in my life. I am looking forward to watching what this year brings... because my oh my next year she'll be a teenager. Thank goodness I have a full year to prepare for that. But truly is there any preparing for that???? I think I'll just keep enjoying today.

until next time, it's just me

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