Sunday, April 25, 2010

What will the neighbors think? (the first in a series)

I pondered over the title of this entry and realized that this will probably be one in a series. There are SO many topics that I could write on that could be entitled "What will the neighbors think?"  Today's subtitle could be something along the lines of, "I just asked you to clean your rooms, but your moaning and screaming will make the neighbors think someone is being TORTURED over here." Which I guess in a way they are, you seem to believe cleaning your room or even the suggestion of it is TORTURE and listening to you is definitely TORTURE for me.

There are no pictures for this entry. BEFORE PICTURES suggests that there is HOPE that there will be AFTER PICTURES and at the time I held NO hope except for the hope that our neighbors would not call 9-1-1.

So did they clean their rooms? AFTER I scooped up anything that would fit in the large laundry basket and stormed out with it... wondering WHAT I was going to do with it all now... their rooms DO look better and the shock of mommy's taking their toys DID lead to SOME picking up by them. What did I do you ask? I came downstairs and visited blog world. My happy place where everything is pretty, funny stories are shared, and everyone has BEFORE and AFTER pictures.

Everyone in Blogworld seems to have a special day to post on a theme. I wanted to start joining some of these "parties" and now I think I'll have one of my own.. What will the neighbors think? will be a "special" place to come and share your crazy, ridiculous moments or story that has to be true because noone would believe you IF you made it up, about your family. I'm not sure I'll get many attending my party. I still need to make a special button to allow links to it. Please forgive me since this is an idea that has grown as I wrote this entry. I'll work on it during this upcoming week.

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