Friday, April 16, 2010

I thought I might get hot

I can't resist this quick post on my funny girl Helen. Yesterday morning I noticed her shirt was on backwards. For some reason she puts her tagless shirts on backwards and I always.usually mention it to her. She may or may not change it to the front in the front depending on her mood. Yesterday morning I made a conscious decision to let it go and not make an issue of it. (insert chuckling soundtrack here)
So off to school my girl went on the school bus and home she came. I DID notice that it took her a long time to come in after Logan.

Well little Miss Helen was very helpful yesterday after school. Cleaning off the kitchen table all on her own and then happily organizing the plastic container cupboard at my request. Can you see the bells and red flags waving that I should have seen? I was just so happy that she was helping out... such a silly mommy moment. THEN I looked over at her sitting on the floor with plastic containers being all organized (this girl is one amazing organizer) and I SEE it.... the strings hanging out from the back of her shirt. "Helen what are you wearing under your shirt. (This is a long sleeve pink shirt.) She shows me the tank top that has strings wrapped around the neck that she has on hidden under her shirt. "Helen why do you have this on?" "In case I got hot at school today." (it was 60 degrees today by the way) "REALLY? AND WERE you hot in school today?" "yes." "Did anyone comment on the fact that you were wearing a tanktop in school today? Did you have gym today?" (that second comment was my last HOPE that she actually did not do what I was pretty sure she did.) "Well Natasha and Aiden asked me if I was naked on the bus." Lovely, just what a mom wants to hear.

Basically my girl wore the tank to school, "got hot" on the bus on the way to school, was "hot" all day at school and
suddenly on the bus ride home as she came to our street got "colder" and put her shirt back on.
How curious... "Does that sound the least bit sneaky to you Helen?" "No I just was hot." "Well isn't that interesting that you knew you'd be hot all day and suddenly as you got closer to mom the cold chill came over you and you put your shirt back on." At that point I went for several walks up and down the driveway trying to work out
1) if this was a big deal
2) what to do with an EIGHT year old who is already sneaking innapropriate clothes to school

My first response was that she can not be out of my sight for a minute, why didn't the teacher wonder about my daughter's choice of clothing considering, and she will now be homeschooled.

Then I took a few breaths... saw some weird humor in the situation and settled on going upstairs and quietly taking all of her clothes out of her closet. "Helen since you did not wear this shirt today you can wear it tomorrow." Nate went and got the notice that REMINDED parents that there is a dress code at public school and he was pretty sure his sister had violated it. Logan shared that when he saw her in school he gave her this odd look. (which he demostrated for me)

What bothers me is that she is only eight, she did not take any responsility for it and basically does whatever she wants to. Now there were times when my parents took note of some of my fashion choices, such as the time my father looked over his newspaper at me and said, "Did you cut your head?" I gave him my best "whatever could you be talking about look" and he went onto explain that you use hydrogen peroxide for cuts so with my new lighter shade of hair... maybe I have a head injury he should know about. That lead to me explaining how my hair became this lovely shade of WHITE and that I liked it. I had to live with it. He then went on to explain about ROOTS and I would have to live with them too.

I also remember not being able to wear makeup. My mother never did so I really had no one to help me through this rite of passage except some overly helpful friends in the girls room at school. Again I was asked if I had some strange illness... my eyelids were green. This lead to a heart to heart about not sharing make up because you could get pink eye and then my mom and I worked out what types of make up I could wear and at what ages. I was also told I did not NEED to wear make up but that fell on deaf ears to a girl who worshipped SEVENTEEN magazine and those models knew a thing or two more about make up than my mom who was going naturally grey and did not wear make up. Funny thing is she did start wearing some makeup like eyeliner and lipstick shortly after. (at least that's how I remember it)

So it's not like I never did ANYTHING sneaky as far as make up or fashion choices went but the difference is that I was like 13 or 14 not EIGHT and I admitted it and we talked things out.

I can not even imagine our house when Miss Helen turns 13 if this is what it's like at 8.

So my quick post ended up being a walk down memory lane to when I was 13... but did you really expect less from me. OH and if you see Miss Helen today she SHOULD be wearing her long sleeved pink shirt.

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