Monday, April 5, 2010

So do you still have them?

First of all, Easter was great! There was one funny incident with my dear H that I just have to share. She was all dressed for church and asked me where her black sparkly shoes were. "H I told you that you ruined them." (she ruined them because when she gets mad or things aren't going her way she rubs her feet together and thus has ruined a few pairs of shoes that way. When she did it to the sparkly shoes the sparkles became a casuality and the shoes have some "bald" spots and are not wearable any longer.) H looked at me and said, "yes, but do you still have them?" I couldn't believe she actually asked that. (why was I surprised after ALL of the funny things she has said I don't know. She still seems to surprise me with these little comments though.) "H when I said that you ruined your shoes, I meant that you are NOT going to wear them again." "I just wanted to know if you still have them." "It wouldn't matter because as I said you are NOT going to wear them. Maybe you should take better care of your things." So my little fashionista wore brown shoes (with wear spots on the TOPS of the toes where she rubbed them by tragging her toes.) with a black outfit. She was not a happy camper.

Not to leave her older brother and sister out. M was not thrilled about the suggestion that she wear the new purple dress she picked up last week. We compromised on capris and a purple top. J's biggest thing was not wearing a tie which I was fine about. Our two younger boys wore new polos. As we took their picture I realized that 4 out of 5 of our kids were wearing BLACK.

5 smiling faces
With Papa in front of our new rocks
Dressed up for School Chapel on Thursday

How lovely. Put honestly, they looked pretty sharp. I don't want to turn clothing into a battle, especially when it comes to church. They are all pretty good about compromising with Rob and I so we always work out something that we are all happy with. I still remember J telling me that this Christmas he'd wear matching shirts with his two little brothers and I was the one who said he could just wear the same color. He then informed me that this would be the last Christmas he'd match with them. I was kind of tickled by that. We'll see when the Christmas 2010 card picture is taken.

I'll be adding a picture later today. I just wanted to get this out before suddenly it is the end of the week and who wants to read about Easter outfits then? By then I'll be facing the reality that my sweet M is going to be 12 on Sunday. My goodness, 12 sounds so old.... actually everything from here on out sounds old to me. But we'll save that for the end of the week to deal with.

So here I pause to consider a sign off... like the news anchors have a little send off line... I'll have to ponder for a few moments....

so for now it's just me...

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