Saturday, April 10, 2010

If I never see another sock

I know I've ranted about SOCKS before. Well before I started this blog. But when you see the photos I think you'll agree that this IS warranted. First I must share that I personally avoid wearing socks. I don't know why but generally I do. Today I was coaching N's tball team so I HAD to steal borrow a pair from my husband. I've been known to steal borrow socks from both my oldest two children as well. I have had to run out to CVS to purchase socks on the way to a (I guess 3 makes it SEVERAL) Women's retreat because it was custom to take your shoes off in the main house and I "needed" socks to wear. So here I am in rebellion against wearing socks... I guess if you need something to rebel against this is as good as any and relatively harmless. On a previous nonblogged (a new word that I made up) rant someone kindly pointed out that I have 14 feet in our house and that makes 98 socks per week. No wonder I am in rebellion. I have also had one child (who will remain nameless, which is kind of funny since I refer to them in this blog by their initials but I digress) who informed me recently that she (oooo now it's narrowed down a bit) wore the same pair of socks a week at a time. I was grossed out. (yes, I wrote "grossed out", I was a child/teen of the '80's and we were "grossed out" and "grody to the max" when we weren't "totally awesome" and "tubular".)

So I'm waiting for my husband to convert my photos. (there were well over 145 from just one day) and then I will share the socks debacle. Justin held a contest to see who could match the most socks. Rob and I were checking their progress when we saw 1) the ROLLED the socks in a way that we couldn't even see the colored stitching at the toe that we use to know whose are whose and 2) NONE of our kids can actually MATCH socks! Oh my my my... long socks with short socks, red stitched socks with blue stitched socks, so we had to re check them and ended up redoing 1/3 of them and throwing away some of the ones that children seem to have worn outside without shoes and have worn multiple days in a row. I started doing the "blind crusty test" to make the throw away decisions. Truthfully I should have scrapped the entire mound of socks but somehow THAT seems wasteful. (why spending THAT much time having the kids do it and then Rob and I redoing their work did not seem wasteful is baffling I know)
Here are the photos from Rob. Thanks love. Here are 2 of the 5 "helpers".

Look how proud they are.

The Land of the Misfit and Mismatched Socks
I'm sure Disney will pick up on this universal story of sad neglected socks someday.

OH and yes I am wearing socks as I type this. It is rare occasion indeed.
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  1. I have to tell you, we have a lost sock bag. All the poor lost socks go there to live until someone needs some help learning discipline :) Then they get to tackle the bag. The colored socks are fairly easy. We probably had 150 white socks to match this last time and I finally gave up on about 100 of them and moved them to the recyclables (where the kids make critters and creatures and projects). I don't think I took a pic or I would have posted it for you to see. We got you beat, but I feel your pain!